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TweakBoxWondering what would happen if there was a real zombie apocalypse and you survived and after that how could life be, this game puts you exactly in that position and you are just a survivor who managed to stay alive when it all happened now you have to start your own journey, Last Day on Earth is a role playing game where you start on Day 1 and you have nothing with you, you have to find tools like stone, wood and make axe out of it to start chopping trees to build shelter or more weapons, you have to build your home and build all the other things, you have to eat plants and fruits until you are able to kill animals and create fire and when you can you will be able to eat them too, this is a very detailed game where some of the first priorities are food, armour, tools, transportation and lets not forget the most important thing weapons. If you want a decent meal you have to work for it, and i mean it like you need to chop trees to get wood, then should be able to start a fire, should hunt an animal and cook it to eat it and zombies can appear from anywhere anytime so you have to do all this in a sheltered home, this game is played by tons of players online so if you are up for it you can also go and loot other players base and all their belongings like blueprints, weapons and other useful items.


Now you can download Last Day on Earth on your iOS device for free. This is a third party app store which is only available for iOS devices and has all the best tweaks for it, now you don’t have to jailbreak and get Cydia when you can download TweakBox instead. TweakBox is free to download and easy to use, it also has an inbuilt cache cleaner which does not allow it to take excess space when in background and removes it from there without affecting any downloads or update progress.

Download TweakBox to get Last Day on Earth

  • Open Safari and Download TweakBox.
  • Go to Settings >> General Settings >> Device Management >> and tap “Trust TweakBox”.
  • Install and run TweakBox and search for Last Day on Earth.
  • Download Last Day on Earth and start playing and collecting resources.
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Last Day on Earth
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