Is TweakBox Safe?

TweakBox is an alternative to iOS store and Google play store. It is a great way to discover new apps which are not listed in our regular app stores. Even the app gives you paid apps for free which you  can’t get on Google play or iOS.  Being a third party app always it has to face many speculations on its security features. Here we will tell you whether TweakBox is safe or not. Let’s first talk about its features.

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TweakBox Spotify++

Spotify is the music streaming app made for music lovers. You can listen your favourite music anytime anywhere. But, you can’t use all of its features for free. It allows you use its premium features for $9.99. But, everyone can’t afford this price and consequently they have to compromise with limited options.

Now, you don’t have to compromise, you can use all the premium features of it without spending anything. Spotify++ is an app which will give you access to the premium features for free. All you have to do is install this amazing app, TweakBox.


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TweakBox Snapchat++

Snapchat is one of the most used social networking platform. If you are also using Snapchat, wouldn’t you like more features on Snapchat than the regular ones? Yes, I am talking about additional features. You don’t have to jailbreak to get these features. You can easily enjoy additional features of Snapchat by downloading Snapchat++.

Snapchat++ is the modded app, where you will get lot more new features than the original app. You can get the app on TweakBox. Here is the guide how you can download it on TweakBox.


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TweakBox APK

TweakBox is an excellent alternative of Cydia. iOS users have the privilege to enjoy this amazing app but android users are not able to use it on their device easily. But, It doesn’t mean that there is no other way to download TweakBox app on android devices. You can now easily install it on your android device with TweakBox APK file.

TweakBox is an app store which has great features available. It offers you many apps that are not listed in your Google play or iOS market. Here are the features of the app. 


TweakBox is easy to use app. You don’t need any coding knowledge to access the app. Anyone can use it easily.  The app offers you the hacked apps and paid apps for free. It means that the apps which are available in paid version would be listed here for free. TweakBox has divided the apps in 5 different categories to ease the users. These categories are- hacked games, tweaked apps, flash apps, TweakBox apps, app store apps.

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TweakBox iOS 11.3

TweakBoxTweakBox is a third-party app for iOS that helps you to get latest tweaks, paid apps and hacked games without jailbreaks. TweakBox is a full package app store that gives you great features. Its features make user experience better. With over 5 million installs it is one of the most popular and trusted app store for iOS users who don’t prefer to jailbreak their devices still enjoy the infinite features of a jailbroken device. 

Its interface is user friendly. TweakBox has distributed its app in five categories for users. It makes it easy to find the desired app. TweakBox is supporting iOS 9 and higher versions.  It provides you the latest tweaks and hacked games for download without jail breaking. It has a unique flash apps category which you would not found anywhere else. TweakBox is totally free, you would not have to pay to download any app. Even it avails you paid apps for free.


Here’s the guide to download TweakBox on your iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod). 

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TweakBox iOS 11.2

TweakBoxAre you an iPhone user? Do you have your favourite apps in your phone?  ‘few’ right? The reason is that most of the apps are paid. Well, what if you get your favourite paid apps for free and tweaks without jail breaking? This is true. You can get the paid apps and tweaks without jailbreaks by using TweakBox on iOS 11.2.

It is an app store that offers you apps for free. It also offers you tweaks. TweakBox is basically an alternative of Cydia. You can download latest tweaks and updates in your iPhone or iOS devices for free. Let’s know more about the TweakBox iOS 11.2 –


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Tweakbox iOS 11.1

TweakBoxTweakBox is an app that allows all the apple users to download various apps on their device without jailbreak. TweakBox app helps you to get apps with latest tweaks and updates, which normally you can’t download. It is an excellent alternative to vShare app.

It also allows you to download paid app for free on your iOS device. Here we will guide you how to download TweakBox.

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TweakBox iOS 11

TweakBoxTweakBox is an app store that lets you download paid android apps for free without needing to sign up first, just install the app and start downloading that apps you need. TweakBox is one of the most rapidly growing third party app stores in the world for android devices thanks to the features and simple operating systems which make it such a useful app.

TweakBox is now available on the iOS 11, the newest operating system for your iPhone and it works flawlessly with it. iOS 11 brings a lot of new things to the operating system of your iPhone such as the combination of notification tray and lock screen, etc. TweakBox does not require a rooted android device to work, you can download the third party app store on any regular android device and start downloading apps right away, you don’t even need to sign up with the app. There in so subscription needed to use TweakBox to download apps and there is no limit either, a single user can download as many apps as they want and you can also transfer the downloaded apps to other devices so you don’t have to download them again.

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Tweakbox iOS 10.2

TweakBoxDownload the best apps for your iOS device right now without having to spend a lot of money using the Tweakbox app store! If you are looking for an app store which lets you download your desired apps without needing any subscription fee. You do not have to buy any app before you download them and there is no sort of subscription fee that you have to pay to the Tweakbox app store, all apps and games on this app sore are available for free for all iOS users.

Tweakbox is one of the fastest growing third party app stores in the world and rightfully so because the app store is loaded with great features that you can use to download app of your choice. Tweakbox also has games that are very popular on the official app store and have a hefty price tag, and you get those apps for free on this app store. Tweakbox can easily replace any existing app store that you might have on your smart phone.

Tweakbox is also known for its huge collection of hacked apps and tweaked games which are much more fun to use than the regular apps and games. There is no limit on how many apps a user can download, you can download as many apps and games as you want using the Tweakbox app store. You also do not have to make any sort of changes to your iOS device in order to install the Tweakbox app store, it works on any regular iOS device with zero issues.

Download Tweakbox iOS 10.2

Download Tweakbox.

Select Tweakbox for iOS 10.2 from the download page.

Tap on Start and wait for it to install.

Open device Settings and Navigate to Settings > App Management and enable the Trust option for the device.

Run the Tweakbox app store on your phone and now you can search for any app you want and install it on your phone.